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Education and Training Programs

We believe that training is a crucial vertical for any organization. We at ANR Software Pvt. Ltd. have always believed in the fact that equipping employees with the right tools and skills can help them become influential leaders. We are committed towards enhancing the skillset and competencies of our employees by investing in various training programs for their personal and professional growth.

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Learning and Content Delivery Program

Our Learning Content and Delivery Program help our employees acquire new skills and capabilities thus helping them achieve new heights both in their personal and professional lives. We on a regular basis conduct training programs to enhance their Presentation Skills, Soft Skills, Behavioral Skills, Feedback skills, etc. ANR Software Pvt. Ltd. continuously updates its training modules to match pace with the ever changing market requirements and trends, and our unique approach to training in the form of role plays, games and team exercises make Learning and Content Delivery Program fun-enabled and enjoyable.

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Training can play an important role in the success of your business.

Skill Enhancement Program

Employees are our real face and it is their skills that serve our customers to their satisfaction. It is, therefore, imminent for employees to master every minute feature of our products, from both, technical and business stand point. To help employees build as well as strengthen the desired skills in all of our products, we have carefully designed a practical and interactive training program. To deliver the training, we have group of experienced trainers who, with their own-unique skill set of conducting trainings, not only let the employees enhance their technical skills in no time but make them an expert in our product suit.