An Inspiring Journey

In 2004 when I came to India, I must say I was lucky in life to come across the right kind of people at the very right time. A small room with 4 people, learning, walking, running, flying, falling and standing again, it has been a fun and learning ride in life. I am very proud of what we have created in last several years. More than everyone in this organization has shared success and failures, and I am proud of the friendships, the care and the environment you have built for all of us.

Going from 4 to about 400 employees, we have found many talented people and the fact that adds a cherry on the top is that there are a lot of people in that list who care for the organization and its employees way more than what other organization experience. For all those reasons, more than our framework or the products, I consider our people as our biggest intellectual property.

With time, we have been spreading our wings and trying to give our business additional shapes. Another step in that direction is reaching out to the SMBs in the restaurant industry where our existing products have and will be providing the enterprise solutions. We will be able to establish our self in the SMB market with our mobile Apps. In parallel to the SMB solutions, we would also be working to update our top solutions with Mobile technology, since it is now a requirement, more than a wish, in the smart phone era.

Our enterprise solution for hospitality industry is still the most complete solution out there in the market, and thus, next year, we are going to start the product rewrite, bring-in the new cool technological advancement and get rid of the current technological limitations in our product. Just like we have learnt a lot with AngularJS working on mobile Apps, a lot of learning is waiting for us with the rewrite of enterprise soluation for hospitality industry.

Thanks for being a part of our joyful journey so far. We have a lot of Success Parties, Friendships, and Achievements still to come.