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Develop Software that is Business Friendly!

We, at ANR, are engaged in providing cutting edge software solutions to help you expand as well as manage your business efficiently. The software products we develop manage your back-end coherently, thereby, reducing even the necessary manpower to a bare minimum. We have a collaborated team of accomplished professionals which develops, delivers, testify and cater to each and every detailing of the software you require. Our products are platform-independent and come with an impressive, easy-to-adapt interface.

Understand Your Needs

Adopting an innovative software technology that keeps your crucial information handy gives you a cut-throat edge over your competitors. We continually strive to provide you with functionality in software by meeting all such requirements. Development of such software demands comprehending every business need and our dedicated team of professionals put in all efforts to realize this. They establish several communication channels with individual clients ranging from video conferencing to visiting client site, and using advanced tools to gather every minute detail.

Shape Your Needs into Workable Product

Our skillful engineers take on the process to materialize your needs by carefully scrutinizing the functional requirements and aligning them keeping the priority of business in mind. Shaping the needs into software design, best suited to the scenario at hand, is the prime focus for us. With the inputs from our team, proficient in designing user-friendly interface, UI becomes inherently intuitive.

While implementation, teams not only develop features meeting the specified requirements to minimize, if not eliminate completely, the pain points but also ensures, that quality is built into product. Since we follow the approach of not reinventing the wheel and encourage development of reusable components, product gets ready to move to the next phase in no time. No product can be developed bug-free in first place. Therefore, dour Quality Assurance team consisting of adept individuals, equipped with advanced tools, helps enhance the product in multiple facets.

We Never Say Goodbye!

Even though we have the product up and running at production, if you encounter any bug issues or require any performance enhancement, we are here! Like the best friend who is always there at your time of need, we are consistently at your service to keep the software, which manages your back-end, up-to-date.